torsdag 9 juni 2011

Ett presenttips för alla

Bloggen Gyllene Gryningen presenterar den nyuppfunna magiska slipsen, en lämplig present för alla:

According to this protocol, developed in one of the finest magical schools that occult history ever have encountered, the instructions as for the tail of the Nemyss was to make it long enough sufficient for it to protect the entire spine from the head down to the base of the spine. Some Adepts supposedly also inserted a Talisman into the tail of the Nemyss to enhance its protective powers against the evil mischief making of Oomo-Shatan-Apophis.

However, these good Adepts missed the important point that the Chakras in fact are predominately directed and thus most vulnerable to the front of the body. Therefore the Chakras emit as well as receive energy for the most part through their opened up flowers or funnels. Thus the back is actually not that particularly vulnerable; alas they left their Chakras unprotected through this grave error!

But let us not be alarmed my good and dear readers; I have finally solved this problem today.

Therefore, Fratres and Sorores, here ye all that I, Frater Sincerus Renatus, and on this important day in the history of the Magic of Light, introduce to you the… Magical Tie!

Bilder i bloggen.

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